Courses and Events

We arrange both courses and events in Sweden and Spain.

Try courses

Get in touch if you and some friends want to try riding eFoil.

We make sure that you learn to ride eFoil in a fun, safe and fast way.

We recommend that you are two people who share one battery, so that you get about 30 minutes of driving time each.
You will receive a safety briefing, instructions on the area you must stay within as well as tips and personal feedback on how to get better the fastest and safest.

If you have your own wetsuit and life jacket, bring these.

Minimum age 18 years

The board can handle people weighing up to approx. 90kg

Bring swimwear, a towel and a happy mood.

Contact us for a price quote and location. Or come to one of our try-on days

Tip: Perfect gift for stag and hen parties

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Company event

We can tailor a company event where you all get to try the summer's coolest news.

Together with you, we can find a suitable place for the event.
And that everyone who wants to can try riding.

It should be fun and safe to learn.
First, we hold a safety briefing with the whole group.
Then one at a time gets to try it on, so that this person gets personal feedback and our full attention. Everyone else is welcome to film and take pictures.

We can also provide professional photographs when everyone leaves. Where we have a good telephoto lens to get nice pictures of all participants even if they are a little bit out.

We have an age limit of 18 years.
The board is built for people with a maximum weight of approx. 90Kg.
Those who ride must not have drunk alcohol.

Bring your swimwear, towel and cheerful mood.

Contact us for a price quote

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