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Waveshark Foil 2 Explorer

Surf without waves and wind on the eFoil board with by far the longest battery life on the market!

Up to 45km/h
Up to 180 min (3h!) driving time
50-55km range
Bright AMOLED display on the remote control
Board and wings in carbon fiber
Easy to assemble
Large wing perfect for beginners Stable for sightseeing
Handles drivers up to 110kg
Bag with wheels and protection for wings included

Buy a sport wing for more advanced driving


Waveshark Jet 2 Sport

Blast off with the world's fastest motorized surfboard!
Able to reach 60 km/h in just three seconds, the WaveShark Jetboard 2 Sport is perfect for experienced riders seeking intense experiences with the supercar of the sea.

60 km/h top speed*
3.0s acceleration to 60 km/h
45 min extended battery**
3.6 kWh
battery capacity
12.5kW high-performance pump-jet propulsion


Waydoo Flyer One Plus

Surf without waves and wind with one of the market's most affordable eFoil surfboard!
In 5 minutes you are down in the water and surfing, thanks to easy assembly.

Up to 40 km/h
60-90 min driving time
15 km range
6 kW water-cooled motor
Easy to assemble
Quick battery change
Incredibly quiet

Modify with different types of mast, wing or propeller.