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1. Waveshark Foil 2 Explorer

1. Waveshark Foil 2 Explorer

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A quality eFoil with the market's longest battery life. Perfect for both new and advanced surfers.

With a battery life of 180 minutes, the WaveShark Foil 2 Explorer has the longest operating time of any motorized surfboard. Perfect for families and day trips. A larger board and wing provide maximum stability and smoother turns, perfect for experiencing the zen of surfing without the help of wind or waves.

180 min battery time (3 hours!)
45 km/h
Handles drivers up to 110kg
Bright AMOLED display on the remote control

Carbon fiber board and wings
An IP68 waterproof remote control with a high-brightness AMOLED color display makes it easy to see settings and speed even in bright sunlight.

Bag with wheels to transport the board, backpack for the battery and neoprene protectors for the wings make it easy to take with you and keep everything protected.

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