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6. Waydoo Flyer One Plus eFoil - EPP Edition

6. Waydoo Flyer One Plus eFoil - EPP Edition

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Waydoo Flyer One Plus - EPP Edition

This is an affordable and easy to use high quality eFoil.
Easiest on the market to connect, and it's lightning fast to change the battery.

You get about 60-90 minutes of surfing time (depending on how fast you go and your weight).
A maximum speed of 40 km/h
You can easily control your speed with the remote control.
Very quiet and free of exhaust fumes.

The EPP material is soft and can be a little easier to start with for beginners.

It comes with a standard mast of 65cm. And it is also possible to buy an 85 cm one.


Size (L x W x H)

167 x 73 x 16.2 cm


EPP foam reinforced with an aluminum alloy frame





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